How Casinos Keep Players In The Building Longer And More Likely To Spend Their Own Money


As a kid, my friend got a job at an Atlantic City casino. He quit after 3 months because he couldn’t take the number of people who stood at slot machines soiling themselves, believing they were on a winning streak. He was also sick of people changing cash into colorful discs that represented actual money so they could bet more, and feel less pain when they lose. It’s a strategy casinos use to keep players in the building longer, and more likely to spend their own money.

From the moment a player steps through the casino’s doors, they are engulfed by bright lights and sound, clinking slot machines, and a smell of pure excitement. The establishments managers want them to lose track of time, ignoring their watches and phones, so they will stay and play as long as possible. This is why many casinos have windows tinted to match the daytime sky and decorate in ways that make it hard to tell what hour of the day or night it actually is.

Besides the games of chance, casinos offer food and entertainment. Some even offer hotel rooms and limo service. It’s important for casinos to understand the event trends that shape their audiences’ behaviors, so they can tailor their marketing and design to suit them. This will include focusing on millennial and Gen Z audience segmentation, elevated entertainment and dining options, and online components to floor games. If they can do this well, they may be able to attract more attendees to their properties.